Our Services



We help manufacturers and trading firms interested in export of consumer products to Togo and West Africa with marketing and consulting, and we assist companies that want to import goods from Togo and other West Africa countries.


Despite its small area Togo has a sizeable population with high-spending consumers. Through years of activity Danyland Inter Link has collected detailed knowledge and experience in marketing consumer products and other products, especially in the health and food sector.

We are very active on the market through promotions, exhibitions, events and contact with the media. Through our daily work we constantly discover new niches and business opportunities.


Being well represented in the most important sales channels is crucial for successful distribution of consumer products. Danyland Inter Link has succeeded to get its products listed in most drugstore chains, as well as pharmacies, department stores, super markets and Internet web shops. Furthermore we support our sales channels by conducting frequent promotions.


Whenever we launch new products in the market, we support them with frequent promotions in their respective retail outlets - like drugstores, pharmacies and department stores and super markets. We also participate in a number of exhibitions as well as conduct other events.

Supplier Sourcing

We find and evaluate suppliers suitable for your product specification and trade volume, irrespective of whether they produce in Togo or elsewhere in West Africa. Our value lies in the information that goes beyond what can be obtained from a trade directory.

Through personal talks and inspection of production facilities we get the real impression of the supplier's capabilities and product quality.

Market Survey

Before importing a new product we survey the respective market segment with respect to size, chances and investment. This serves our suppliers and ourselves as a basis for selecting the most effective market strategy. Through our extensive network we are able to obtain insider information, which can be valuable input during the planning phase of a market introduction.


For Danyland Inter Link trading does not only involve import and export, but also all related activities, which help to make a product successful in the market. This includes clarification of import regulations and other legal matters, as well as marketing support through graphic design and Internet services.

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