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On this page you can view the vast array of videos we have prepared to show you how SeETL works. We will put the oldest to newest from bottom up so that for our return viewers you will always see the latest videos at the top of the page.

We hope you enjoy the video demonstrations and discussion about SeETL. We have been using this software for years and expanding it steadily so that we can deliver our projects, faster, easier, cheaper at low risk and high reliability.

We would be very pleased if other BI Consulting firms and company internal BI Project Teams would adopt our very affordable technology so as to reduce the very high number of failed BI Projects. Failed BI Projects give us all a bad name. We want to see more successful BI projects. So we are making the best tools to build BI Projects available for the lowest price we can do that for. The more people who adopt our tools the lower we will be able to make our subscription fees in the future.

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The presentation below is The IT Project Managers Introduction to SeETL.

SeETL Offerings


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IBI Methodology

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